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Platform advantages

Overview Introduction
DDO INC, one of the globally renowned futures traders, is one of the largest foreign exchange trader members in the world (according to member financial reports released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States), providing online futures trading services for retail clients. DDO (United) Group specializes in providing online futures trading services to private clients, hedge funds, and financial institutions worldwide. DDO (United) Group has over 78000 customers worldwide and a monthly turnover of up to $30 billion.
Company Qualifications
According to the Futures Modernization Act 2000 passed by the United States Congress in December 2001, operating futures business requires a futures dealer license. DDO became one of the first licensed futures trading institutions and was a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States (ID No: 0182582).
Joint Group Account Version
Since its establishment, the United Group has served over 78000 customer accounts in over 80 countries worldwide. More than 150 transactions are executed every month through FX Trading Station, an online foreign exchange trading platform developed exclusively by the joint venture
Joint advantages and foundation
How does DDO achieve more efficient transaction execution. The scale and robust finance of the United Group (DDO) enable customers to achieve more efficient transaction execution. There is no centralized exchange for buying and selling in the foreign exchange market, and all trading is conducted off the exchange. Not everyone receives the same price and quality of trading execution. Major banks around the world tend to provide ideal prices and transaction execution for institutions with large transactions and financial stability. It is estimated that the monthly trading volume through joint trading platforms reaches $200 billion, and the United Group (DDO) is also one of the most well funded members of foreign exchange traders. According to financial data released on the website of the United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), United Group (DDO), as one of the earliest established and highest trading volume retail online forex traders, has established solid trading relationships with several of the world's largest international banks. United Group (DDO) benefits customers with its economies of scale, ideal exchange rates, and high-quality transactions. Union and AG merger are also one of the advantages of Fuhui. The foundation of DDO is that the starting point is very high, because AG is still a stable and highly well-known formal platform in the domestic and European markets. This itself brings high starting point, high quality, and high efficiency to DDO. On April 1, 2012, Union and AG merged. The total capital is stronger and the customer base is more extensive. The advantages of joint execution are as follows
Joint execution advantages
1. Obtain quotes from several large banks worldwide for transactions
Through the DDO platform, customers can trade using quotes provided by several of the world's largest banks. These banks offer buying and selling spreads as low as 3 points through bidding. The trader free platform not only allows customers to obtain quotes from multiple large banks, but also combines the advantages of the United Group (DDO) trading platform, making foreign exchange transactions more smooth and convenient.
2. Trade freely without restrictions
Even if there are news or economic data releases that cause significant fluctuations in the market, customers can continue to trade as usual. In addition, customers establish orders within the price difference.
3.24 hour support service
Unlike other foreign exchange traders, DDO provides 24-hour customer support services, allowing you to place orders over the phone during any market opening hours, even if you choose a non trader platform.
4. Scale and Financial Strength
The foreign exchange market is an over-the-counter trading market without a central clearing house, so not every trader receives the same price or transaction execution quality. The world's largest banks tend to provide better quotes and execution to traders with considerable trading volume and financial strength. DDO has an average monthly trading volume of $20000000000 ($200 billion) and is one of the largest foreign-exchange trading members with capital. According to the monthly financial report on the website of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States, United Group (DDO) is one of the oldest and largest retail online forex traders. The United Group (DDO) has established strong partnerships with several major international banks worldwide, enabling it to provide customers with better quotes and efficient transaction execution services.
Members of the Joint Group
Since 2001, Union has been one of the earliest traders to provide retail online foreign exchange trading services. United Group specializes in providing online foreign exchange trading services to private clients, corporate clients, hedge funds, and financial institutions worldwide. United has rich trading experience, strong financial resources, and smooth international channels, committed to providing the best foreign exchange investment experience for foreign exchange investors. The headquarters of the group is currently located in New York and regional offices are established in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, and Colorado.
DDO Features
One of the world's largest professional retail foreign exchange traders
DDO has established over 90000 customer accounts in over 200 countries worldwide, executing over 2.9 million transactions per month through trading platforms. Six regional offices around the world provide 24-hour and 20 different language trading and customer support services. As a registered futures broker (FCM) of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States, DDO has won numerous awards in the investment industry, including Best Foreign Exchange Trader by Shares, Best Retail Foreign Exchange Trading Platform by FX Week, and Best Foreign Exchange Trading Expert by Technical Analysis of Stocks&Commodities. In addition to foreign exchange trading, DDO also provides foreign exchange training courses and research and analysis at DailyFX. The merger of DDO and AG has made AG a popular platform among foreign exchange enthusiasts in the domestic and European markets. On April 1, 2012, the joint merger of AG was completed. The total capital is stronger and the customer base is more extensive.
Large transaction volume and high competitive prices
In the professional field of online foreign exchange trading, the trading volume of DDO Group is unmatched by other online foreign exchange brokers. In the foreign exchange market, which operates through over-the-counter trading, investors must rely on the financial capabilities, robustness, and sincerity of their traders to fulfill their responsibilities in completing foreign exchange transactions. In this situation, the size of foreign exchange traders is particularly important. The size and qualifications of foreign exchange traders determine the prices they can obtain in the interbank market, while the group's size and financial strength have enabled Fuhui to establish good and close trading relationships with multiple large banks around the world, and obtain up to $800 million in foreign exchange credit, allowing it to enter the core of the market. Therefore, DDO Group can take advantage of this advantage and give back to our customers, continuously providing them with extremely low price differentials and uninterrupted real-time quotes.
Repeated award-winning trading platforms
The online foreign exchange trading platform "FX Trading Station" exclusively developed by the United Group successfully executes over 2.9 million transactions per month, which proves its reliability and stability. The joint trading platform combines powerful capabilities and functions to quickly execute transactions based on real-time two-way quotes and update them according to market changes, with simple operation. It is a representative of the development and evolution of foreign exchange trading. In 2004, United Group won the "e-FX Best Retail Platform" award from the renowned US foreign exchange magazine "FX · Week".